Safety Testing

U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) & Worldwide Toy Safety Compliance


To: Our Present & Future U.S. Customers

From: Christopher Gann – Owner/CEO

Upon product review, we will advise if your product requires 3rd party safety testing*. When 3rd party testing is performed, we manage all of the testing and paperwork, so that each client’s products are certified as safe and compliant, per the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s general guidelines and the “Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act” (CPSIA). All of our custom toys (plush and plastic) are manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable USA, Canadian, and Europeon safety standards.

These Standards Include:

  • Pennsylvania or PA-xxxxx(CN) Plush Toy State Registration (also includes MA, ME, OH)
  • CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) 2008 H.R. 4040
  • CFR Title 16 (Flammability)
  • ASTM F963 (Physical & Mechanical)
  • EN71 (Europe)

Joyus Toyus plush toys are manufactured in China and/or the USA. In order to ensure ethical overseas manufacturing, whenever possible we utilize ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) CARE certified factories.

The main goal of the ICTI CARE Process is to provide a fair, thorough and consistent monitoring program for the factories. The factories in turn are required to pay application fees as well as annual fees to be members of the ICTI CARE Process. These fees are used to cover administrative costs, to fund oversight activity, and to develop and maintain the website used to provide information to factories, auditors, consumers and any other interested parties. The factories are also required to abide by the spirit of the ICTI CARE Process. The CARE (Caring, Awareness, Responsible, Ethical) Process is the International Council of Toy Industries’ (ICTI) program to promote ethical manufacturing, in the form of fair labor treatment, as well as employee health and safety, in the toy industry supply chain, worldwide. Its initial focus is in China, where 80% of the world’s toy volume is manufactured. Its intent is to provide a single, fair, thorough and consistent program to monitor toy factories’ compliance with ICTI’s Code of Business Practices (the “Code”).

To learn more about the CARE process, please visit for more information

* If your toy is intended for ages 12 and up, it is not required to undergo third party lab testing. Otherwise, it will be delivered with an accompanying certificate of conformity.

NOTE: If you plan to sell your products through most major retailers (including Amazon) 3rd party testing documentation is required, even if the law doesn’t require it.

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