Kustom Kudos

They turned out really nice. They actually sold before I could even upload the image to advertise them. But yeah! People loved them. As do I. And I’m really looking forward to getting the next batch of them.

Michael Chorney – Fluffle Puff



I can’t thank you enough for getting the plushies pushed through on such a compressed schedule. They were a major hit! They were literally EVERYWHERE on the con floor! I kept seeing Golden Gates’ head poking out of bags and just smiling up a storm. Here’s to a long and happy partnership. 😉

Sonya Hipper – BABSCon (manufactured within 30 days)

This company gave us the opportunity to offer our customers superb quality product. As an on-line retailer, we know the importance of our surpassing our customers’ expectations when receiving their purchases. Their friendly service made the process simple and painless.

Ian Mitchell – Discworld Emporium

The dolls look FABULOUS! I will definitely be in touch for another order — with more prep time, I promise so we’re not rushing like lunatics 🙂

Sherrilyn Kenyon – #1 NY Times Bestselling Author – Sherrilyn Kenyon

All the “Coba” product looks and feels so commercial and great.

Farrah Abraham – NY Times Bestselling Author & Reality TV Star – Froco Fresh Frozen

I’ve received the package and have inspected each of the plushes and am pleased that they are all accounted for and are great! Thank you very much again. Thank you again for all your work!

Dylan Barrientos – Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur